Following the Journey . . .

In September 2019, I was struck by a car as a pedestrian, flew in the air, and came out okay, with an ER doctor telling me “you must have someone up there really watching over you.”

Since that time, I have been thinking about my place in the Universe even more seriously, and mulling the idea of launching my own mindfulness social platform to connect to more people locally, nationally, and globally.

My deep and diverse interests in Martial Arts (30+ yrs of Kung Fu & Tai Chi / QiGong), Mindfulness and Nature, Spirituality, Philosophy (mainly Buddhist, Taoist, and Ancestralist), Eastern Medicine and Healing, Feng Shui, Social Justice, Youth Leadership Empowerment / Community Organizing, Education and Mentorship, Women’s Issues, Personal Identity, and Wellness have led me to have lots of ideas and practices to share. I am no expert in all these things but I am a seeker and learner, and invite you to seek and learn with me, always with “the beginner’s mind”.

I have been blessed to have so many exceptional teachers, mentors, peers, and students in my spiritual, energetic, and physical circles, and would love to connect all of us together so we all “Follow the Way to THE WAY”.

In the near future, MaiHarmony will serve as a platform for weekly mindfulness / health & wellness lectures and discussions, different trainings (some will be affiliated with my Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy Malden & Quincy) and guests speaking on a variety of spiritual, wellness and social topics. I intend for this to be a space for social justice, mindfulness, support, networking and learning, and perhaps some personal stories about spirituality and human identity.

In this unprecedented time of a global trial that tests our collective humanity, I share with you what has always kept me rooted, centered, and balanced…MaiHarmony. I thank you for our shared humanity. I hope we walk THE WAY together.


I invite to join me in the Daily Tai Chi/QiGong Challenge for 30 Days. Feel free to commit to as many days as you like, or all 30 days!!

follow along!